Grapeword was founded on


Deals & Rewards are swell.

Deals & Rewards are


Deals & Rewards are swell.

50% Off at Restaurants, FREE Drinks, Local Events... what's not to love!?? So maybe there are a few spammy emails to deal with... OK a lot of emails. And sometimes I have to pay ahead of time, but it's still totally worth it... or is it?


We don't know your


We don't know your waxing needs.

Nobody loves a good waxing more than us. But some days maybe you don't want that waxing email. Maybe you don't even want the ice cream email. Maybe you just polished off a cone or your lactose intolerance is flaring up. What if there were a way to choose what you want, when you want it instead?

We don't know your waxing needs.

Local Businesses thrive on your support.

Local Businesses need


Local Businesses thrive on your support.

Did you know that some businesses go out of business after running a daily deal? "Who cares!?? I got a deal! muuuhahahaha!!" Oh stop. You care... at least a little. What if there were a way to get a deal without hurting local businesses? What if it even... dare I say it... helped them?


  • These guys are absolute morons. My dog could build a better company. - Garga Mell, CEO of Jealous Competitor

  • This app doesn't suck nearly as bad as I thought it would! No complaints here. - Mandy, Satisfied Customer

  • "Grapeword? Shucks, that ain't nothin' but another daily deals clone." - Said No One, Ever

  • If I had a dollar for every dollar I saved because of this app... um... wait. - Nick, Some Dude

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Discover Local Deals

Grapewòrd lets you discover Local Deals on your terms. Say goodbye to flooded inboxes and annoying daily deal spam.

Discover Local Deals

Show it. Get it.

No prepaid vouchers here. Just download the grapewòrd app, go to a participating merchant, and show your phone. It's as easy as that.

Show it. Get it.

Get a Better Deal

Unlock enhanced deals when you spread the word about your favorite spots. It's a great way to support local merchants and help yourself at the same time.

Want a Better Deal?

Boost Your Karma

Support local businesses, and watch your Karma grow. Each time you help spread the word about your favorite places you'll earn Karma Points good for all kinds of loyalty rewards.

Boost your Karma

Y'all Come Back!

Get rewarded for being a loyal customer at your favorite spots. Ditch your old school punch card and step up to something a tad more modern. Merchants will love you for it.

Earn Rewards

Want a Flooded Inbox?

Then you've come to the wrong place. We can point you to several options for inbox clogging. We're all about serving up deals on your terms. That's our deal... what's your deal?

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Don't miss out...

Get The App!

Two years in the making, Grapewòrd gives you access to your city like never before. Discover local hot spots, attend awesome events, and earn Karma Points for spreading the word about the places you love. We don't know if we're more excited about providing this super cool service or using it ourselves. Either way, brace yourself... it's gonna be a fun ride.

Also, we're doing local happy hours and other events just about every week, so be sure to check out our Facebook Page for the latest.